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Cortesi Nutrition is a world-class wellness company which aims to improve the vitality of its clients by identifying nutrition and food related concerns through short and long term treatment options. We focus on preventing and treating illnesses by promoting healthful eating habits through custom nutritional regimes and practical health strategies for immediate results.

Without adequate nourishment, a high number of disorders can ensue due to the increased vulnerability of the body. Our health and nutrition counselors create strategies that help clients set goals and achieve them by analyzing each individual profile.

Our services include weight observation, meal preparation and healthy delivery of eating plans. Our goal, is to provide world-class service, exceed expectations, and increase the vitality of each person we have the pleasure of serving. It’s our ultimate duty to provide you with the highest quality services and make your road-to-healthy experience unique and unforgettable. It’s a promise.

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

At Cortesi Nutrition we understand that when you want to get on with your life, body image is very important. Even if you don’t really need to lose weight but still, want to look your best when it comes to glowing skin, strong hair and nails, we can help you overcome all your fears and unneeded doubts.

  • Weight Loss / Weight Gain
  • Metabolism Correction
  • Clinical Conditions
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching

Any questions? Feel free to ask our experts or simply visit www.AnnaCortesi.com

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No time to cook healthy food? Today unquestionably most of us are living a highly fast-paced and stress accelerating lifestyle. We offer a plethora of healthy meal options for daily delivery, portioned out carefully for weight loss, fitness and daily wellness.

  • No more calorie counting, weighing or preparing food
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans by Dietitians according to your needs
  • Heart-healthy meals to promote longevity, inspired by the Mediterranean diet
  • Fresh, ready to eat meals and snacks at your door daily

Nourish yourself, shed those pounds and still enjoy every meal with Good Life Dieting. To find more about NutriBar please visit: www.nutribar.com.cy

Corporate Nutrition

Corporate Nutrition

We are enthusiastic about hosting food and nutrition presentations or half/full day workshops.  Since poor nutrition of employees and people on the go can affect their immune system, general health and concentration, we are also offering Group Business Nutrition Packages to employers all around the world.

We provide companies with:

  • Healthy Menu Planning
  • Nutritional Seminars
  • Group Body Measurements
  • Healthy Eating Workshops
  • Corporate Healthy Meal Delivery

To find more about our Corporate Nutrition Services please contact us at: info@cortesinutrition.com

Good Life Products

Good Life Products

Find all your healthy eating needs within our Good Life Product Range. Explore new tastes and textures and learn how to keep your body bright and happy with mouth melting food and beverages that can change your life.

  • Detoxing juices
  • Big variety of fresh salads
  • Gluten free and vegan snacks
  • Low calorie desserts

To find more about our Good Life Products please visit: www.nutribar.com.cy